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Homepage for the Brian Tweedt Family

Savannah Tweedt's Homepage

Owen Tweedt's Homepage

Kim (Anderson) Tweedt's Homepage

Brian Tweedt's Homepage

Potus (our Dog) Homepage


A record of all of the baseball parks across the USA that Brian has visited.


All the slides from James & Audrey's Slide Library

Plus "Audrey's 90th Birthday"

And more!


Brian Tweedt's "Director of Photography" Website


To honor the memory of the passing of Jim Tweedt, we have created a page for viewing the "Celebration of Life" ceremony at Fairhaven Memorial Chapel. 

Brian Tweedt's Company, "The Birdhouse" site


Brian Tweedt's Parent company site


Heidi's "Thought Provoking Restaurant Industry Blog"


Idyllwild House Info.  History, photos & more.

This is a temporary Website, and is still under construction.  More to come soon!


The John O. Jenkins Memorial Golf Tournament website


The Tweedt family band's MySpace Music Page


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